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Start Your Residential Construction Job With a Team You Can Trust

We don't cut corners, we build them in the Stanley & Mount Holly, NC area

Hiring a professional construction company that will take your needs and budget into consideration is essential for new construction projects. At Bray Builders, we create beautiful homes that we'd love to live in ourselves. From the roof to the foundation installation, we'll handle every part of your residential construction project in the Stanley & Mount Holly, NC area.

Start planning your project today. Call 704-713-2857 to receive a free estimate for your new construction project.

Staying by your side every step of the way

Before building a custom home, you have to make a lot of decisions. What types of rooms will your home have? What layouts will you choose? Don't let all of these choices stress you out - depend on us to help you get your permit and decide:

How you'll set up your framing, walls and foundation installation
Where the lines for your utilities, septic tank and drain field will go
Which flooring and lighting options you'll choose for the final product

According to our past customers, we over build. This means you can rely on us to go above and beyond code requirements to create a well-built, gorgeous house for your family.

Contact us today to schedule residential construction services in or around Stanley & Mount Holly, NC.

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